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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Hermes Humpdays!

So a few weeks ago me and a friend came across this little beauty! A 1980’s style Hermes Dress! The print is absolutely stunning and the garment itself is in immaculate condition.Hermes Dress

And Guess what! Its up for Grabs! I would love to keep it but its too big for me and also I like more tailored clothing. But this little beauty would look great with a patent leather belt and a great fitted blazer.  This dress deserves a good home!




Let It Rain!

So its November 2011 and Rain seems to be the name of the Game this month! I know it’s common for you to get the blues when its all dark and rainy, but here are a few reasons to smile and strut your stuff with a great accessory called the UMBRELLA! 😀


This Lovely Gal doesn’t seem to mind a little rain 😀

umbrella               Who could be down and dreary with an Umbrella like this?

"The Lovely Dita"

And Last but not least! The Lovely Dita!

She is a good example that Umbrellas can be sexy 😉


Well Hello There!


Hi everyone I just wanted show a little leg and say a quick hello 😉