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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Tuxedo Friday!

Hello all!

Today I decided to end my 2011 work week with a bit of pizzazz!
Ive been wanting to wear this top for awhile cause I love it, but I think the last time I brought it out was last Christmas.  Not to sure why. I guess it feels a little festive yet classy 😀 and Christmas seems like a great time for both of those qualities. 

My work week is finally finished and im ready to EAT, DRINK, & BE MERRY!


Tada!!!! Classy right 😀


A close up of my classy & festive tuxedo sequin top.


Not only am I showing you my defined buttocks but I am also showing you my divine tailcoat blazer.


This picture is the thinker 😀

Today I am wearing high waisted Filippa K pants, forever 21 tuxedo blazer, and a tuxedo sequin top I found a few years ago while thrifting.

Hope Everyone Has A Safe and Happy Holidays!

Electric Blue!

Hey All,

So todays work day is over and Christmas is right around the corner! I woke up this morning feeling pretty blue for some reason so I decided to throw a little color into my day (Fighting the weekday blues with Blue :D). I had been meaning to wear these nylons sooner but was slightly turned off when I went to put them on last week and there was already a snag (not done by me 😦 ) So instead of taking them back I had to give them the clear nail polish treatment. So alas! Today was the day.

Today I wore one of my favorite dresses by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Forever 21 Nylons & Shoes, Michael Kors watch and my bow tie necklace.Electric Blue

Blue ShoeI love these shoes! I wear them quite often and they are surprisingly very comfortable!

One more day until the weekend!!!!!!

Pocket Van

Hey all,
I just wanted to do a little posting on one of my random “Vintage ” discoveries today. The smallest little van! At first I was fascinated by how cute it was but as we were taking pictures of it the owner came out and filled me in on some great info. First and foremost this van is 20+ years old….

Its made in Japan
Seats 5 ppl
Goes Max 90km/h
4 wheel drive
Owner ordered 2 from Japan for around $20000
Owner has had this for over 20 years and no problems
It looks cute!
Great city vehicle!

Overall conclusion is that this van is all kinds of AWESOME!







“Prep” in your Step

So I decided to dress a little preppy today. I used Mondays punch photo as inspiration (minus the suspenders). I am now going shopping for a pair :D.
Today I wore a vintage varsity cardigan, vintage tassel loafers, my fiancées khaki Lova pants (im not planning on returning these :D) , and and H&M button up tank, and my bow tie necklace. image


Have a good Wednesday 😀

Cool & Casual

So today I dressed on a little more casual note. It was chilly and windy outside so I felt like dressing a bit more cozy today. Today I wore my favorite Vintage wool McGregor plaid top, full length cotton dress from Forever 21, Alexander McQueen silk scarf, and my favorite vintage Dingo cowboy boots.

Cowboy BootsI found these lovely boots a few years ago when I was working in Texas. They have been my favorite ever since. Were brand spankin new when I found them. (I love deadstock :D)

Cool & Casual

This dress is great for comfy days. Its so comfortable and warm. It almost feels like im wearing pajamas 😀

Scarf closeup

Hehe Close UP!


Long Live McQueen ❤


Taking Back Monday!

So yet again another Monday has arrived….Oh dreaded Monday! Im sure this Monday is probably worse than normal for most people as Christmas is this weekend. So today I have decided im going to Take Back My Monday!!!!

Take back Monday Check list looks like this:

  1. Jump out of bed and Punch Monday straight in the face!
  2. Pick out one of your outfits that makes you feel awesome!
  3. Shoot yourself a smile in the mirror before you leave your house.
  4. And strut your sweet ass to work! 😉

Take Back Monday

The Monday Punch!

Take Back Monday

The Outfit!



Manic Panic

Hey all,
So today after shopping I decided to try a hair product called Manic Panic. My pink hair has faded alot so I thought I would top up the color with the cotton candy pink dye. I have seen it on other blogs and it sparked my interest.  So on my journey in the Eaton Center I found the dye at Shoppers Drug Mart in the hair dye section. I was quite excited to get home and try it.
Once I got home I got my gloves, tinfoil (cut into squares), paint brush, hairclips. I separated my hair and began applying.  I left it in for the recommended 30 mins thinking cotton candy would be light. When I rinsed my hair I was a little startled with how bright it turned out, but I actually like it now that it is rinsed and dryed.
Only recommendation if you are looking for a lighter pink is to leave it on for less time.image

imageApparently I can barely contain my excitement! 😀

imageFirst state of shock.


imageSmug smile (happy with the final result)



So now that my Sunday experiment is finished I wish you all a Happy Sunday :D.

The Mall and The Giant Reindeer

Today I decided to try to defeat the all mighty Eaton Centre a week before Christmas.  To my surprise it wasnt that bad. I picked up a few little gifts and was on my way out when I noticed the gigantic Christmas reindeer.  I was quite fascinated with them. I thought I would share a few pictures. image





1week til Christmas 😀

Fridays+ Christmas Parties

Sooo its been a long week and I must admit I cant wait for Christmas holidays.  Today was our Staff Christmas party and I got to help the caterer set up which was a definite plus(made the day go by really fast). The party had amazing food but was short and sweet so me and my friend/co-worker Lily could still go out for a beer (or 2 pitchers) and be home by 10 :D.  All I can say is YAY to the end of another work week :D.imageHappy Christmas Portrait! LOL

imageWearing a Religion dress, Forever 21 heels, Michael Kors watch, H&M tights


Big Pitcher + Big Glass = End to a long work week

image$10 pitchers at The Dogs Bullocks on Queen West. (Cant beat it!)



A Good Day For Chanel!

So today I woke up thinking it was Thursday and the weekend was within reach. I realized that I was mistaken as I was getting ready for work :(. Normally this would not bother me but today it kind of bummed me out. So on days like today I had to bring out my “HAPPY PANTS”. I know every woman has a pair and for me they are my Vintage Chanel nautical style pants. I absolutely love these pants. I found them this spring at the Maple Cottage Vintage sale. It was amazing. I noticed them as they were being returned after an unsuccessful fitting in the change room. I quickly asked if I could try them on and BAM!!!! Fit like a glove! And…..they were a very good price. I could not resist and now they are alllllll mine! These pants are also special because they were a collection for a store called CREEDS.

Creeds was the finest women’s specialty store in Canada specializing in furs, designer fashions and accessories, jewellery (Beni Sung), cosmetics (Borghese, Chanel, Clarins, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Lancôme), fragrances, and gifts (including fine chocolate, men’s ties, and Sable & Rosenfeld gourmet foods). The 38,000-square-foot (3,500 m2) store spanned two floors and featured boutiques for Yves Saint LaurentChanelChristian DiorEmanuel Ungaro, and Sonia Rykiel. The original location opened in 1916; the Manulife Centre location closed with the firm’s bankruptcy in 1990.  (source

Worth every penny!

Chanel Pants

Chanel Pants

Wearing a Zara striped top, Vintage Chanel pants, Aldo heels, Michael Kors watch, Vintage pearl necklace.