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High and Tight!

Hey All,

This weekend as I was attempting to do my Christmas shopping I came across these lovely jeans at Urban Outfitters. Normally I would have passed right by them, but on Saturday they came to me in sort of a “diamond in the ruff” sort of way. As I was searching for cool gift exchange gifts at Urban outfitters I noticed a large group of girls towards the back of the store. So I made my way over to see what the commotion was all about. Sure enough “SALE” rack. Women of all sizes pulling clothing off the racks and hangers without any regard for the clothing or the poor workers that have to hang all of that stuff back up. And there they were in the corner of my eye between two size 34 red skinny jeans a size 27 Dark denim pair of jeans. Not only were they out of place (as most of the sale stuff was) but they were still fully hanging on their hanger (if you were there you would understand what I mean).  Anyways I looked at the price $19.99. Originally $122.00. To me this seemed like a deal I couldn’t pass by as I am always in the market for dark denim jeans. I examined the jeans to see if there were any defects or damages….none. So I tried them on and the rest is history.  My new favorites at the moment. JeansWearing a Vintage Silk Embroidered top, Lida Baday Blazer, Vintage red belt, Les Folles de joie Jeans, Michael Kors suede wedge boots.

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