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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Cateye Collection

Today I thought I would share my Cateye collection.  I am always on the look out for cateyes but some of them dont look good on me, so these are the ones I’ve settled on. I do have some good news for you! Im downsizing my collection.  Keep reading if your interested 😀


My collection so far.


These beauties we’re my great grandmothers. They are practically brand new and they have her name engraved inside the arm. 


Beautiful detailing!



Another favorite of mine that I found at a great store on the East end called Gadabout.


I found these a few years ago and they are being released back out into the world. Clear and black Silhouette frames $75


I actually bought these the same day as the Silhouette frames. These too are up for grabs. Tortoise shell and gold frames by Rodier $75.

Hope you enjoy!

2012 Bridal Show

So this weekend me and my lovely bridesmaid attended the bridal show at the Direct Energy Centre.  It was everything I expected. Tonnes of overwhelmed brides, men being dragged around looking at their watches. Parents trying to force their ideas upon their kids. Tonnes of boothes, cakes and draws, draws, draws oooh and a Canadian beer booth. 😀
As a bride to be I do recommend it to anyone who is planning a wedding, or just starting to plan.
I wanted to take more pictures but I got in trouble after taking pics of the cake wall.



Lol I was amused by these gowns. Very corset meets crinoline.


Just as I clicked the camera this lady stepped in front of me and then I was informed “NO PICTURES ” lol

Heavenly Match!

Today I decided to break out one of my most favorite 1950’s cardigans.  Its beautiful! Its nude in color and has gathers on the cuffs with rhinestones.  Also the fur is removeable. But I personally think the fur is the best part! Its so full and beautiful! It looks brand new.
I found this lovely gem about 3 years ago and I actually found the fur and the sweater separate.  I found the fur first and fell in love with it and I was planning on just sewing it onto a jacket or sweater.  A few days later I found the sweater and noticed they had matching snaps. They fit together perfectly.  Match made in vintage heaven 😀


Wearing a vintage 1950’s cardigan, vintage dress, Aldo shoes, and leopard print nylons from H&M

Peacock Toes!

Today I finally got to wear my new beautiful peacock shoes that my sister got me for Christmas. She bought them at this great little store in Calgary called Blame Betty. I have been dying to wear them but its been either raining or snowing this winter.  But today it was dry so I jumped to the opportunity.


Posing in front of my lovely kitchen curtains I made awhile ago.


Wearing T.U.K shoes, Lida Baday leggings, a red turtle neck I got for Christmas from my Grandma (thanks Grandma :D) and a vintage crystal bow broach.


Side view.


Front view


Top view


My cute vintage bow broach.

Handsome Hump Days!

Today I wanted to share a couple pics of my handsome fiance. He always looks good to me but today I really liked his outfit.


Wearing a vintage Biltmore hat, vintage Woolrich jacket, Wrangler jeans, vintage cowboy boots, and deerskin gloves (you can find these beauties at Marks work warehouse or home depot)

Happy hump day!

Ethel’s Gems

Today I worked at my friends store Ethel. This is a great little antique store that could cheer anyone up on a bad day. Its bright, cheery and fun! Yes there is a lot of great furniture, but there are also some great little knickknacks that people love. I may be a little bias but if I wasn’t planning my wedding I would most likely be spending my money here 😀  Check it out at

Here are some photos of my favorite things that are presently in the store.

I love this little vintage glass set! $40 set

My current favorite! $125

Cougar Lamp $65

Vinyl Daybed $695

ON SALE $1800

Im selling my vintage furs here $200 each

Mabye your in need of some super cute Vintage winter hats. Prices range from $10-$30

Tiger Lamp $50

This lovely little Love seat is on sale $900



Located at 1091 Queen St East

See You Soon!!

Kitchen Cuteness!

So yesterday I woke up early to go for breakfast with an old friend.  When I arrived home I was greeted with a lovely surprise…….. a cute little cupcake kitchen cooking set. It has an apron, cooking mitt, and towel. I love it!!! Some may not think this is great but I do, as we spend alot of time in the kitchen. Either way I have the cutest fiance ever 😀



These were purchased from a lovely little store on Queen St East called Beaufort. They have very cute house wares and knicknackery .

Happy cooking 😀