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Good Day Peeps,

This weekend I was going through my closet and I rekindled my love for my vintage fur coat. Its beautiful! Black, Sleek and it makes me feel like a million dollars :D. As soon as I put it on I feel like I travel through time and I imagine myself in the 1950’s. Oh so Classy :D. So today I decided to do a little blurb on furs and how they can be affordable for  anyone.

For me personally I would never go out and purchase a brand new expensive fur.  Especially when I got mine for $50. These days stores are producing very real looking faux fur. This makes it a lot easier for people to own a fur and save an animal. You can find some really great faux furs for under $200 online.

If your searching for a real fur the first place I would look is on There are some really amazing furs on that site for under $500. If online shopping is not an option for you, my recommendation is to either hit up a vintage shop near  you, or a local Value Village. You never know what steals you may find.

Always check the shoulder, neck, and armpit for holes and cracking. If they are it means the fur is dry. It can be repaired but you can judge if it is worth it for the price. If you love your newly discovered fur but it needs some repairs here is a tutorial on how to fix furs


Carrie Fur

Who isnt inspired by the lovely Carrie Bradshaw and her lovely vintage fur.

SJP fur

Im always inspired by SJP she wears fur well 😀

Vintage beauty

Who wouldn’t want to look as classy as this lovely lass.

asos_faux_fur_coat_copper_color2This beautiful faux fur jacket can be yours for $131.25 CAD at ASOS


forever-21-leopard-faux-fur-jacket-profileThis Beauty can be yours for $57.80 CAD from Forever 21


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  1. I have a great animal print faux fur coat that I’m too scared to wear. Maybe if I wasn’t living in Baltimore and somewhere more glamorous I’d have the courage to wear it, till then I’ll just keep wearing it around the house. Plus, it needs to be cleaned and even though it’s not real fur you still have to get it dry cleaned as if it was and that can be expensive. One day.


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