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So I won this lovely little coffee table book in a Chinese gift exchange, and after taking to time to look through it cover to cover I felt obligated to write about it. This book is awesome in so many ways. It contains 500 things that every person should know. Well every awesome person should know 😉 The book contains 11 chapters 1) Make: contains all sorts of crafts 2) Eat: everything from opening a pomegranate to weaving a lattice top pie 3) Drink: all sorts of lovely drink tips and recipes 4) Style: hairstyles, make-up, beauty tips 5) Love : wedding tips to reading a dates body language 6) Nest :household tips that every home owner should know 7) Grow : tips on plants, pets, and parenting 8) Thrive: first aid, sports and Wellness  9) Go: travel, culture, and leisure 10) Survive: navigation, self defense and wilderness survival  11) Wow : fancy tricks, pranks and stunts.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about.



                          Lace a sexy corset


                 Style your hair in a beehive


           Identify men’s facial hair styles 🙂


   Identify a liar


                  My personal favorite : how to wrestle an alligator.



Happy Thursday!

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  1. Greatest book of all time!


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