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Black cats & Sparrows

Last night I was feeling highly motivated to go to the gym this morning and I went to bed with the notion that I would “definitely ” be attending my gym class. But when my alarm went off this morning all motivation was erased from the night before and the snooze button was hit repeatedly until about 6:45 and I was shaken out of bed by my very annoyed fiancée. (Sorry hunny)
So since the gym was evidently a bust I decided to slap on some red lipstick, my favorite sparrow top, my Lida Baday houndstooth skirt (that ive had since March and still had the tags on it :S) and my great granny’s cateye glasses.
Im hoping this makes up for my lack of motivation this morning.


My dog decided she needed to be in the picture too 😀



Happy Thursday!

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