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Moth Balls Goodbye

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So Ive been meaning to write about this for awhile but today really reminded me about this little blurb. Ok so today I was riding the streetcar home and noticed a nice looking young man. As it turns out the man decided to sit beside me. In most cases if I was single I would strike up a conversation but today there were no words. The main reason is that he smelled like he had been sleeping in a box of moth balls for the last 10 years. My first thought is “jesus get me out of here” my second thought was ” I cant beleive those things are still around” and my third thought was “moth balls dont only repell moths the repel friends “. So moving on from my thoughts I felt compelled to share my story along with a little advice.
If you have a moth problem there are wonderful little things called Cedar Balls. They are lovely.


Not only do thet give off a nice fresh scent of cedar, they also come in different shapes and sizes. Little balls that can go in your drawer, hangers to hang in your closet, rings to fit on top of your hangers.  They are fantastic! For those people that dont like the smell of cedar this company also makes lavender bags and such which also serve the same purpose. 
If you live in Toronto I found these at a great store called BINZ in the beaches.
And for those of you that dont, they can be found online.
So moral of the story is there are way better ways to keep the moths away, and way better scents.

Have a lovely day!

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