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Hello friends,
I have been on a little hiatus for the last few months, but I have news!!! I’m back 🙂 and I’m not alone…. Ive got a lovely little bump now too.
I must say that over the past few months it has been hard to find clothing that accommodates my new addition, and its even harder to find something affordable, fashionable and practical for someone sporting a baby bump.
With that being said I have been trying to find things in my wardrobe that will do this. So this morning I awoke with an outfit in my head that was all based around a vintage 70’s dress I have stored away in one of my many vintage boxes (I have way too many).  So on my search I came across another dress and decided to end my search then and there and just go with it.


Here it is!! This dress is from the 80s. Its nice light and flowey. Not to mention the beautiful lace on the bodice and hem. And one more thing…. ELASTIC WAISTBAND!!!


Here’s a pic of the lace at the back.


I did some quick alterations to the dress by bringing up the waistband and turning the dress into a baby doll style. I then paired it with a great 1970’s vintage tooled leather belt, vintage Roebuck’s denim jacket and vintage cowboy boots.



After all was said and done I felt like a little Southern Bell 🙂 all that was missing was Texas and some line dancin 😉

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  1. Liddy J gives this look two thumbs up!


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