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Hello all,

Sorry about all the mirror shots lately. I’m currently in search for a new camera and until I find one my camera phone is my camera so please bare with me 🙂

Anyways…So over the past few months and a growing belly I have on the search for something to wear that doesnt make me look like a balloon and marshmallow. As funny as it sounds it is actually quite the feat to find fashionable and affordable maternity wear. So with that being said I have decided to make some of my own clothing. Which is what I did on Saturday night 🙂

On Saturday I was quite frustrated with my closet so I decided to whip something up on my own. I chose to make a maxi dress with some fabric I purchased a while back. I picked out one of my favorite maxi dresses and I also chose a top that I liked. I combined the styles and came up with my own maxi dress. I am actually pretty happy with the final result.



Baby bump shot! 🙂


I took the tie detail from the top that I liked and I added a little extra detail by using a contrast color so the tie is more noticeable.


I paired the dress with a vintage cardigan and a vintage tooled leather belt.

I’m quite happy with how the dress turned out. Cant wait to create something else 🙂

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  1. I love the whole maxi dress with a belt look! Really accentuates the baby bump 🙂


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