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Mary Had A Little Lamb!

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Recently Ive been on the search for non terrible, belly friendly dresses to wear for the summer. I can finally say I actually found one that I love! I found it at one of my favorite stores Dollfactory by Damzels. Granted im sure its not intended for maternity wear but I just couldn’t resist 🙂




This is an adorable dress by Iron Fist. This dress literally has all things great 😉 It has little adorable lambs (some may or may not be wearing bondage) flowers, zippers, belts and studs. I absolutely love it!!! And the bodice is short enough on me that I can fit my baby bump in too! YAY!


I decided to do my hair in a couple victory rolls facing different directions. I think it went well with the dress 🙂



Top view!


And here it is!!! A close up of the adorably baaaaaaaad little lambs. By far my favorite dress so far!

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  1. Man, I can’t get over how much I love this dress! You look so cute I could eat you up with a spoon!


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