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Guts & Guns

Hey all,
Over the last week Ive been starting to feel like I have cabin fever! Here in the city of Toronto if there is any shift in weather the city basically can’t function. So when it snowed a couple feet the other day the city seemed to go into hibernation mode. No one shoveled their walks, no one out out salt. The sidewalks were definitely not stroller friendly. I tried going walking with the baby carrier as well but the snow/slush/ice with an added 15lbs of weight as well as a batty bull terrier in tow was quite the trek. Don’t get me wrong I go outside but its definitely not what I am used to at all. So today I am hoping this cardio workout will help me burn off some steam and make me feel a little better. No to mention help burn off some of this baby belly.


Cardio cardio cardio

I did this twice. One before the guns workout and one after. I also added 1 min of jump rope at the end just to burn off the added steam. Also I am still doing the squat challenge so I also did the 70 squats.


Load your guns

I also decided to throw in a quick little arm and shoulder workout so I can tone up my sad looking arms. I did 3 sets of these.

Hopefully this will help my current winter blues.

Happy Friday!

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