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Heavenly Match!

Today I decided to break out one of my most favorite 1950’s cardigans.  Its beautiful! Its nude in color and has gathers on the cuffs with rhinestones.  Also the fur is removeable. But I personally think the fur is the best part! Its so full and beautiful! It looks brand new.
I found this lovely gem about 3 years ago and I actually found the fur and the sweater separate.  I found the fur first and fell in love with it and I was planning on just sewing it onto a jacket or sweater.  A few days later I found the sweater and noticed they had matching snaps. They fit together perfectly.  Match made in vintage heaven 😀


Wearing a vintage 1950’s cardigan, vintage dress, Aldo shoes, and leopard print nylons from H&M


Cropped and Cozy

Hey all,
So its officially winter here in Toronto 😦 and it was quite chilly today. All I wanted to do was stay in bed curled up under the warm covers. So on days like today I chose my comfy dress.  I have posted it before but today I paired it with a 1950’s cropped sweater. This dress is perfect for days like today.


Wearing a Forever 21 dress, and a vintage cropped hand beaded cardigan


My pooch posing for the camera.


Forever 21 booties


Victory roll ponytail


Handbeaded lace.

Stay warm peeps 😀