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Casual Friday

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So yesterday it was cold, rainy and cold. I decided I wanted to dress a little more casual as I was not in the mood for being cold. I decided to wear my vintage varsity jacket, Nudie High Kai jeans, Alexander McQueen scarf, Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, and a white v-neck top. Let me say that I was nice and comfy for beer Friday :D.


Yay for beer Fridays 😀

Cool & Casual

So today I dressed on a little more casual note. It was chilly and windy outside so I felt like dressing a bit more cozy today. Today I wore my favorite Vintage wool McGregor plaid top, full length cotton dress from Forever 21, Alexander McQueen silk scarf, and my favorite vintage Dingo cowboy boots.

Cowboy BootsI found these lovely boots a few years ago when I was working in Texas. They have been my favorite ever since. Were brand spankin new when I found them. (I love deadstock :D)

Cool & Casual

This dress is great for comfy days. Its so comfortable and warm. It almost feels like im wearing pajamas 😀

Scarf closeup

Hehe Close UP!


Long Live McQueen ❤