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This Thursday I was deceived by the lovely people of the Weather Network. All week I was anticipating Thursday as it was supposed to be a beautiful springy 18 degrees. The warmest day so far.  My day started by me looking out the window to see dark clouds, but I refused to believe it was going to rain and that it was supposed to be warm. So I walked out the front door and as I turned around to say goodbye to my love, it began to rain. Still refusing to believe that my warm day would be ruined I continued on to the streetcar. As I turned the corner of my lovely little street a gust of wind came, and remained the rest of the day. Needless to say it never made 18 degrees and I was under dressed for the weather 😦  It was too bad as I had picked my outfit after being inspired by “Carrie Bradshaw’s” argyle socks and thought “this” day would be the perfect day to wear them. Ah well even though I was cold I still looked cute.

My Inspiration

So here it is. I am wearing a Foever 21 t-shirt, Lida Baday skirt, Aldo shoes, Argyle socks from ?, Vintage pearl necklace and a grey cardigan that I got from my mom for Christmas.