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Overall Kind Of Day!

This week my Husband surprised me with an awesome pair of overalls he got at his work sample sale. I have been wanting a pair for awhile (Not the 90’s style) but I hadn’t been able to find a pair I really liked. So now that I have them I was very excited to wear them out! Yesterday I played off the poor boy look with a girly touch 🙂 I actually really liked this look and it was really comfortable.

Me and Miss Zoe!

I’m wearing a vintage poor boy cap, Vintage Cowboy boots, Zara striped shirt and Scotch & Soda overalls. Im really loving hats right now 🙂

Getting ready for a nice little afternoon walk 🙂

Have a great day peeps!

Forgotten Gems

The other day I was cleaning out my closet, and I came across a lovely top that I completely forgot I had. At one point in time it was actually one of my favorite garments but I guess it got surpassed 😦  Now that it has been found it will be worn again 🙂 I also found a few more great garments I had forgotten about that got lost in my piles and drawers of clothes. Yay for forgotten closet gems 🙂

Wearing Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair tail tuxedo top, Lida Baday leggings, Scotch & Soda necklace and Bordello leopard heels.

Cotton candy!

Hello all
For the last year I have been growing out my hair for my wedding. So now that my wedding is over I can finally do something a little different.
The other day I went to visit my lovely hairdresser Melissa. At this appointment she introduced me to “color toner”. Over the last year I have been dabbling in pink. So that was an obvious choice. Its nice and subtle, yet still different.  I love it!


My lovely hair cap 🙂


Caps off and hair is washed


Very subtle but cute. (Wearing a Lida Baday cape, J-Brand jeans, vintage purse and boots)


Slightly styled 🙂

Hope you like it! 🙂

Hints of Gold

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Hey all
Yesterday I realized that fall is on its way and the days are getting shorter. 😦 I have mixed feelings about these facts. On one side I’m happy as I love fall and putting together fall outfits. On the other side I can’t help but say “Where the hell did summer go?” I guess planning a wedding and getting married really makes time fly.
So with my realization I decided to wear one of my vintage maxi dresses. I love this dress as I feel like it can pass as summer or fall. It has beautiful fall like colors but it also has gold embroidery throughout the whole dress as well as spaghetti straps. Its beautiful. I paired this dress some vintage pearls, and my vintage Wrangler jacket and a cute little pair of flats.


Dont mind Zoe she loves being the centre of attention 🙂