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Cotton candy!

Hello all
For the last year I have been growing out my hair for my wedding. So now that my wedding is over I can finally do something a little different.
The other day I went to visit my lovely hairdresser Melissa. At this appointment she introduced me to “color toner”. Over the last year I have been dabbling in pink. So that was an obvious choice. Its nice and subtle, yet still different.  I love it!


My lovely hair cap 🙂


Caps off and hair is washed


Very subtle but cute. (Wearing a Lida Baday cape, J-Brand jeans, vintage purse and boots)


Slightly styled 🙂

Hope you like it! 🙂

Manic Panic

Hey all,
So today after shopping I decided to try a hair product called Manic Panic. My pink hair has faded alot so I thought I would top up the color with the cotton candy pink dye. I have seen it on other blogs and it sparked my interest.  So on my journey in the Eaton Center I found the dye at Shoppers Drug Mart in the hair dye section. I was quite excited to get home and try it.
Once I got home I got my gloves, tinfoil (cut into squares), paint brush, hairclips. I separated my hair and began applying.  I left it in for the recommended 30 mins thinking cotton candy would be light. When I rinsed my hair I was a little startled with how bright it turned out, but I actually like it now that it is rinsed and dryed.
Only recommendation if you are looking for a lighter pink is to leave it on for less time.image

imageApparently I can barely contain my excitement! 😀

imageFirst state of shock.


imageSmug smile (happy with the final result)



So now that my Sunday experiment is finished I wish you all a Happy Sunday :D.

Hint of Pink


imageDuring! (The lovely Melissa working her magic!)



So this weekend I decided to try something new. I decided to continue adding color to my life by getting cotton candy pink in my hair. Its subtle but I love it! For my hair I go to the amazing Fuss hair salon.  It has a great vibe, great people, great and trendy atmosphere! I love it.  If your ever looking for a new salon I highly recommend it!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!