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Breaking The Rules!

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As some of you followers know I was told at work that I am no longer allowed to wear heels. I’m not sure how stern my warning was but I haven’t worn heels since. This is actually a problem for me as my heel collection well exceeds my flats collection. So on Friday I decided to test the waters a little and I wore a pair of vintage clogs…….clogs aren’t heels so I thought I would be safe, and no one said anything so I’m going to assume I’m in the clear for clogs 😉
I paired them with a cute little skull dress that my sister got me for my birthday (its from H&M) and I wore a pair of denim cutoffs that I turned into maternity shorts:). The reason I wear the shorts is because I personally find that H&M dresses are quite short and when you add a baby bump into the mix its even shorter. So to save people from seeing my rump all day I played it safe with shorts 🙂



I am wearing vintage clogs, vintage cardigan, H&M dress, Denimbird Jean cutoffs and Lida Baday patent belt.