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Ethel-Alive and Well!

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Hello all,

As most of you know I occasionally work at a lovely little store in Lesliville Toronto called Ethel. If you have been in the Lesliville area recently you may have noticed that the large and colorful Ethel sign is gone and the doors are closed. If you didn’t know this and were worried that Ethel is gone for good think again!!!! Ethel is alive and well and has a new lovely and colorful home at 327 Queen st East and is currently neighbors with the famous Marty Millionaire!

If you haven’t been the new store location I definitely think you should stop by. Not only does Ethel have a new home but she has a new look and some new coats of paint to brighten up your day. The store has maintained its bright and colorful look but has a great new space with a lot of great new merchandise :D. I picked up a great tiki mug there yesterday and I LOVE IT!!!! And a great thing is there is a tonne of great goodies left for the rest of you 😀

Click on the picture to be taken to the Ethel blog!

Great New Rob Croxford paintings!

More Rob Croxford paintings

Great Little Bar for 2 😀

Suburbia magnetic puzzles

Table lights up! So freaking cool!

Can you see me? 😀

A great Tiki bar at the back!

Who doesnt need a fire place? Expecially one as cool as this one!

Vintage Fondue sets! And awesome dining table that comes with original receipt from the one and only owners.

Whigby cards and wrapping paper!

I hope that I have sparked all of your interests and you come on by for a visit! Say hi! Shop! Spread the word that Ethel is still alive and even more Awesome than before!

Enjoy the great sunny weather!

327 Queen St. East, between Parliament and Berkley streets, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. 416.778.6608. email:

Hours: Mondays by appointment, Tue – Thurs: 12pm – 6pm, Friday: 2pm – 7pm, Sat: 12 – 6, Sun: 12pm – 5pm


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So as many as you followers know I sometimes work at my friends store Ethel.  For those of you that dont know about Ethel, it is a very lovely little Antique shop in Leslieville (Queen & Pape). Well this little shop is getting ready for a move, but before she goes she wants to treat you all to a great little Polka dot sale.

Green means 25% off.

Yellow means 40% off

Red means 50% off

Blue means 75% off

So if any of you are in the area please stop by for some friendly banter and great antiques 😀

Ethel Corner

We Hope To See Some of you there! Ethel is located at 1091 Queen Street East  Toronto

Ethel’s Gems

Today I worked at my friends store Ethel. This is a great little antique store that could cheer anyone up on a bad day. Its bright, cheery and fun! Yes there is a lot of great furniture, but there are also some great little knickknacks that people love. I may be a little bias but if I wasn’t planning my wedding I would most likely be spending my money here 😀  Check it out at

Here are some photos of my favorite things that are presently in the store.

I love this little vintage glass set! $40 set

My current favorite! $125

Cougar Lamp $65

Vinyl Daybed $695

ON SALE $1800

Im selling my vintage furs here $200 each

Mabye your in need of some super cute Vintage winter hats. Prices range from $10-$30

Tiger Lamp $50

This lovely little Love seat is on sale $900



Located at 1091 Queen St East

See You Soon!!