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Spring Has Sprung!

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So today was an even lovelier day than yesterday and I decided to pull out one of my spring jackets. Its so beautiful out I would love to have skipped work to hit a patio,  but unfortunately being an adult that is not allowed 😦
Today I wore my vintage Levis trench, vintage heels, fishnet nylons, and a Fever London rose print dress.



Have a beautiful day!


Fishnets & Bowties

Hey all,
Today I decided to break out a pair of fishnet nylons that have been hiding in the bottom of my drawer for over a year.  I decided to pair it with a high waisted skirt that I havent worn in a couple years. I was reminded shortly after I left the house why I havent worn it.
I was also reminded that its apparently winter outside and its time to start dressing for the weather 😦


Wearing a Won Hundred skirt, Lida Baday silk top,  Too Fast cardigan,  Michael Kors watch, vintage heels, and a vintage bow tie worn in my hair.


Vintage bowtie worn as a headband.

Happy Hump Day!