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Tuxedo Friday!

Hello all!

Today I decided to end my 2011 work week with a bit of pizzazz!
Ive been wanting to wear this top for awhile cause I love it, but I think the last time I brought it out was last Christmas.  Not to sure why. I guess it feels a little festive yet classy 😀 and Christmas seems like a great time for both of those qualities. 

My work week is finally finished and im ready to EAT, DRINK, & BE MERRY!


Tada!!!! Classy right 😀


A close up of my classy & festive tuxedo sequin top.


Not only am I showing you my defined buttocks but I am also showing you my divine tailcoat blazer.


This picture is the thinker 😀

Today I am wearing high waisted Filippa K pants, forever 21 tuxedo blazer, and a tuxedo sequin top I found a few years ago while thrifting.

Hope Everyone Has A Safe and Happy Holidays!