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Denim & Roses

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Today is a beautiful day! The sun is shining and flowers are blooming. So me and my man decided to take advantage of the lovely weather. We went for a nice walk. Had some great street meat lol and are now relaxing with some classy Miller High Life… life is good: D


Today I wore my favorite London fever dress, leopard print scarf, vintage Wrangler denim jacket, and Forever 21 leopard print heels.


Claude wore his vintage Levis jeans, Scotch and Soda shirt, vintage Biltmore hat, vintage shoes, and a billyblue necklace.

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday!

Margiela Time

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Today was an absolutely lovely day! A beautiful 16 degrees. The birds were chirping and that beautiful spring scent was in the air. When the weather is like this it makes me want to do heel clicks in the air. 😀
To celebrate my love for the weather I decided to bring out my Margiela trench. When I put it on this morning it added to my happiness.  I also decided to wear my bright fuscia tights (yes I went all out today) 


Im trying to hide my giddyness in this photo.


Heres a smile for the road.


Peacock Cashmere

Today was another B-E-A-UTIFUL day. The sun was shining and people actually looked a bit more happy on the street. I wanted to wear one of vintage dresses but decided against it as my office has been freezing and yesterday I was chilled to the bone.
Today I decided to wear my favorite vintage cashmere sweater.  I absolutely love it. It has a very unique peacock feather print with white Bakelite buttons. Its not only beautiful but it sure is warm 😀




Wearing a vintage cardigan, Forever 21 tee & heels, and Lida Baday leggings.


Cropped and Cozy

Hey all,
So its officially winter here in Toronto 😦 and it was quite chilly today. All I wanted to do was stay in bed curled up under the warm covers. So on days like today I chose my comfy dress.  I have posted it before but today I paired it with a 1950’s cropped sweater. This dress is perfect for days like today.


Wearing a Forever 21 dress, and a vintage cropped hand beaded cardigan


My pooch posing for the camera.


Forever 21 booties


Victory roll ponytail


Handbeaded lace.

Stay warm peeps 😀

New Monday’s

Happy Monday all,
Today I was not feeling Monday at all, but I figured I would try my best to start out the work week on a fresh and clean note. I decided to wear one of my new dresses that I got on Friday. I must say it definitely brought up my mood. Nothing beats the feeling of a brand spanking new dress (or new anything) There is something about a new article of clothing that gives you a feeling of confidence, sexyness, and your desire to strut ;).


Wearing a Lida Baday dress, Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 leopard print shoes, vintage black cardigan and vintage pearls. 

Electric Blue!

Hey All,

So todays work day is over and Christmas is right around the corner! I woke up this morning feeling pretty blue for some reason so I decided to throw a little color into my day (Fighting the weekday blues with Blue :D). I had been meaning to wear these nylons sooner but was slightly turned off when I went to put them on last week and there was already a snag (not done by me 😦 ) So instead of taking them back I had to give them the clear nail polish treatment. So alas! Today was the day.

Today I wore one of my favorite dresses by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Forever 21 Nylons & Shoes, Michael Kors watch and my bow tie necklace.Electric Blue

Blue ShoeI love these shoes! I wear them quite often and they are surprisingly very comfortable!

One more day until the weekend!!!!!!

Taking Back Monday!

So yet again another Monday has arrived….Oh dreaded Monday! Im sure this Monday is probably worse than normal for most people as Christmas is this weekend. So today I have decided im going to Take Back My Monday!!!!

Take back Monday Check list looks like this:

  1. Jump out of bed and Punch Monday straight in the face!
  2. Pick out one of your outfits that makes you feel awesome!
  3. Shoot yourself a smile in the mirror before you leave your house.
  4. And strut your sweet ass to work! 😉

Take Back Monday

The Monday Punch!

Take Back Monday

The Outfit!