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Breaking The Rules!

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As some of you followers know I was told at work that I am no longer allowed to wear heels. I’m not sure how stern my warning was but I haven’t worn heels since. This is actually a problem for me as my heel collection well exceeds my flats collection. So on Friday I decided to test the waters a little and I wore a pair of vintage clogs…….clogs aren’t heels so I thought I would be safe, and no one said anything so I’m going to assume I’m in the clear for clogs 😉
I paired them with a cute little skull dress that my sister got me for my birthday (its from H&M) and I wore a pair of denim cutoffs that I turned into maternity shorts:). The reason I wear the shorts is because I personally find that H&M dresses are quite short and when you add a baby bump into the mix its even shorter. So to save people from seeing my rump all day I played it safe with shorts 🙂



I am wearing vintage clogs, vintage cardigan, H&M dress, Denimbird Jean cutoffs and Lida Baday patent belt.

Heavenly Match!

Today I decided to break out one of my most favorite 1950’s cardigans.  Its beautiful! Its nude in color and has gathers on the cuffs with rhinestones.  Also the fur is removeable. But I personally think the fur is the best part! Its so full and beautiful! It looks brand new.
I found this lovely gem about 3 years ago and I actually found the fur and the sweater separate.  I found the fur first and fell in love with it and I was planning on just sewing it onto a jacket or sweater.  A few days later I found the sweater and noticed they had matching snaps. They fit together perfectly.  Match made in vintage heaven 😀


Wearing a vintage 1950’s cardigan, vintage dress, Aldo shoes, and leopard print nylons from H&M

Fur & Bows

Today I must admit I woke up feeling a little stiff and sore from yesterdays gym workout.  All I wanted to do was stay curled up in my warm bed. But because that is not an option I decided to wear something that was comfy yet cool 😉


Today I wore my new bow top from Jacob, an old H&M skirt, vintage heels, and vintage black cardigan.


As I was leaving my house this morning I decided that my lovely fur coat would bring up my mood. And it sure did. I LOVE THIS COAT!

Happy Wednesday!