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Maxi skirt <3

Hey all
Its has finally stopped raining here in Toronto, so I finally got a chance to wear one of my long skirts. I bought this skirts in the summer at a great little Gadabout clearance sale. The colors are nice and vibrant, the skirt is flowy and was $10. Really Who could pass that up? I also bought a few other skirts that will be showcased soon 🙂



I’m wearing a vintage skirt, my husbands Junk De Luxe shirt, vintage cowboy boots and a Scotch & Soda necklace.
Hope you are all having a lovely week. 🙂

Peacock Toes

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Today I decided to dress a little warmer as I did not want to be tricked by the weather forecast again. I decided to wear something a little more covered. I decided to wear on of Claudes dress shirts, paired with my high waisted  leggings, and my favorite peacock shoes.

Dont mind my back yard we are currently planting grass. I tried setting up my tripod in the front yard and people were staring at me and laughing. I decided to take my tripod to the back yard.  It will be pretty soon. Im wearing T.U.K shoes, Lida Baday leggings, Junk De Luxe Shirt.

Hint of Spring

Hey all,
Today I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and a hint of green on my front lawn. Could it be true….Spring is here? Todays weather forecast is a lovely 6 degrees (warm for a Canadian February)  and I plan on taking full advantage of it. Today I dressed slightly springy as I hope this weather is here to stay.


Here’s a quick pic of me in my kitchen before running off to work. I am wearing red Zara jeans, my fiancée white Junk de Luxe shirt, Coach flats, Michael Kors watch, and a vintage Hermes scarf.