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French Friday!

This week I was perusing through the hair tutorials on YouTube and I came across a cute little tutorial by my favorite tutorial gal TheCherryDollFace. It’s a vintage Marilyn Monroe look. I thought it was cute. So after playing around with it I decided I was going to wear it on Friday. I figured since I was going to wear a French beret I might as well dress the whole part 😀  I actually felt very feminine in this outfit. It set a great mood for a Friday 🙂

Today I wore a vintage French Beret, Vintage Cardigan, striped top from Zara, Lida Baday skirt and Irregular Choice shoes.

Hair Close up! 

Try the tutorial! Its super easy and very pretty 🙂

And to set the mood here’s some Marilyn 😀

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Monday Frills

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Hey all
Today was an absolutely beautiful day! Sun shining and about 25 degrees and sunny. So to celebrate the nice weather I decided to dress with a little frill: D


Today I decided to wear my new Lida Baday frill skirt, T.U.K heels, Too Fast cardigan and Forever 21 tee.

Hope you enjoyed the sun!

Key Word: Argyle

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This Thursday I was deceived by the lovely people of the Weather Network. All week I was anticipating Thursday as it was supposed to be a beautiful springy 18 degrees. The warmest day so far.  My day started by me looking out the window to see dark clouds, but I refused to believe it was going to rain and that it was supposed to be warm. So I walked out the front door and as I turned around to say goodbye to my love, it began to rain. Still refusing to believe that my warm day would be ruined I continued on to the streetcar. As I turned the corner of my lovely little street a gust of wind came, and remained the rest of the day. Needless to say it never made 18 degrees and I was under dressed for the weather 😦  It was too bad as I had picked my outfit after being inspired by “Carrie Bradshaw’s” argyle socks and thought “this” day would be the perfect day to wear them. Ah well even though I was cold I still looked cute.

My Inspiration

So here it is. I am wearing a Foever 21 t-shirt, Lida Baday skirt, Aldo shoes, Argyle socks from ?, Vintage pearl necklace and a grey cardigan that I got from my mom for Christmas.

Black cats & Sparrows

Last night I was feeling highly motivated to go to the gym this morning and I went to bed with the notion that I would “definitely ” be attending my gym class. But when my alarm went off this morning all motivation was erased from the night before and the snooze button was hit repeatedly until about 6:45 and I was shaken out of bed by my very annoyed fiancée. (Sorry hunny)
So since the gym was evidently a bust I decided to slap on some red lipstick, my favorite sparrow top, my Lida Baday houndstooth skirt (that ive had since March and still had the tags on it :S) and my great granny’s cateye glasses.
Im hoping this makes up for my lack of motivation this morning.


My dog decided she needed to be in the picture too 😀



Happy Thursday!

Taking Back Monday!

So yet again another Monday has arrived….Oh dreaded Monday! Im sure this Monday is probably worse than normal for most people as Christmas is this weekend. So today I have decided im going to Take Back My Monday!!!!

Take back Monday Check list looks like this:

  1. Jump out of bed and Punch Monday straight in the face!
  2. Pick out one of your outfits that makes you feel awesome!
  3. Shoot yourself a smile in the mirror before you leave your house.
  4. And strut your sweet ass to work! 😉

Take Back Monday

The Monday Punch!

Take Back Monday

The Outfit!