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Skirts & Sparrow’s

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Today I was excited to wear my new top I got from my hubby. He got it at this lovely little shop in Calgary called Blame Betty. Its awesome!  Im not just talking about my top. The store is great. They have a great assortment of ladies Rockabilly clothing as well as a great new addition upstairs for menswear.  My hubby got an awesome Lucky 13 jacket. (I will post photos this week)
I paired my top with a new grey cardigan I got from my mom for Xmas as well as a cute skirt I got in Texas a few years ago.


Dont mind my alien dog 😀 shes harmless ;).


My new top by Rock Steady


And now to end the day off with a lovely home cooked meal and some wine. 😀

Happy Thursday!

Electric Blue!

Hey All,

So todays work day is over and Christmas is right around the corner! I woke up this morning feeling pretty blue for some reason so I decided to throw a little color into my day (Fighting the weekday blues with Blue :D). I had been meaning to wear these nylons sooner but was slightly turned off when I went to put them on last week and there was already a snag (not done by me 😦 ) So instead of taking them back I had to give them the clear nail polish treatment. So alas! Today was the day.

Today I wore one of my favorite dresses by Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Forever 21 Nylons & Shoes, Michael Kors watch and my bow tie necklace.Electric Blue

Blue ShoeI love these shoes! I wear them quite often and they are surprisingly very comfortable!

One more day until the weekend!!!!!!

A Good Day For Chanel!

So today I woke up thinking it was Thursday and the weekend was within reach. I realized that I was mistaken as I was getting ready for work :(. Normally this would not bother me but today it kind of bummed me out. So on days like today I had to bring out my “HAPPY PANTS”. I know every woman has a pair and for me they are my Vintage Chanel nautical style pants. I absolutely love these pants. I found them this spring at the Maple Cottage Vintage sale. It was amazing. I noticed them as they were being returned after an unsuccessful fitting in the change room. I quickly asked if I could try them on and BAM!!!! Fit like a glove! And…..they were a very good price. I could not resist and now they are alllllll mine! These pants are also special because they were a collection for a store called CREEDS.

Creeds was the finest women’s specialty store in Canada specializing in furs, designer fashions and accessories, jewellery (Beni Sung), cosmetics (Borghese, Chanel, Clarins, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Lancôme), fragrances, and gifts (including fine chocolate, men’s ties, and Sable & Rosenfeld gourmet foods). The 38,000-square-foot (3,500 m2) store spanned two floors and featured boutiques for Yves Saint LaurentChanelChristian DiorEmanuel Ungaro, and Sonia Rykiel. The original location opened in 1916; the Manulife Centre location closed with the firm’s bankruptcy in 1990.  (source

Worth every penny!

Chanel Pants

Chanel Pants

Wearing a Zara striped top, Vintage Chanel pants, Aldo heels, Michael Kors watch, Vintage pearl necklace.

High and Tight!

Hey All,

This weekend as I was attempting to do my Christmas shopping I came across these lovely jeans at Urban Outfitters. Normally I would have passed right by them, but on Saturday they came to me in sort of a “diamond in the ruff” sort of way. As I was searching for cool gift exchange gifts at Urban outfitters I noticed a large group of girls towards the back of the store. So I made my way over to see what the commotion was all about. Sure enough “SALE” rack. Women of all sizes pulling clothing off the racks and hangers without any regard for the clothing or the poor workers that have to hang all of that stuff back up. And there they were in the corner of my eye between two size 34 red skinny jeans a size 27 Dark denim pair of jeans. Not only were they out of place (as most of the sale stuff was) but they were still fully hanging on their hanger (if you were there you would understand what I mean).  Anyways I looked at the price $19.99. Originally $122.00. To me this seemed like a deal I couldn’t pass by as I am always in the market for dark denim jeans. I examined the jeans to see if there were any defects or damages….none. So I tried them on and the rest is history.  My new favorites at the moment. JeansWearing a Vintage Silk Embroidered top, Lida Baday Blazer, Vintage red belt, Les Folles de joie Jeans, Michael Kors suede wedge boots.

The Power of Tights!

Hey all,

You know when you purchase a new piece of clothing and you cant wait to wear it? Well today was one of those days. On the weekend I tried to go Christmas shopping, but ended up purchasing more for myself (way too many great Christmas sales). So today I decided to bust out my new leopard print fish nets that I purchased on the weekend. Today I planned a simple little outfit with my loud tights and left for work. 2 compliments before the streetcar (yay) What a great start to a Monday. Then I got to work where I don’t think they were as well received. I just narrowed it down to the hair plus leopard print was a little too much for a Monday 😀 . But I will say this. I felt HOT! 😉

Moral of the story is start your week with a BANG it will make your Monday go by a lot faster 😀

Leopard MondayToday I am wearing Chocolate shoes, Leopard Print tights, Forever 21 top & Skirt, Vintage wool sweater.

Leopard Tights
My New Tights (H&M= $12.50)

Pink CurlsHair Shot ❤

Woolly Goodness!

So its Monday……And its Raining…..And its Monday……So I know I’m not the only one who wants to stay in bed wrapped in a woolly blanket on a Monday morning (then add rain). So today I decided to bring the wooliness with me. Last night I was looking through my vintage box and I found a lovely wool skirt. MY SIZE. YAY!Woolly GoodnessSo today I am wearing a vintage Stephanie Andrews wool skirt, H&M body suit, Forever 21 necklace, nylons, Michael Kors watch, Lida Baday belt, Chocolate Shoes and a Forever 21 Cardigan. (No Im not grumpy this is just my Monday morning model look lol)

Happy Monday!