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Knee High Layering

Recently I feel like ive been in a weather transition slum. Ive been wearing jeans and my favorite vintage boots almost every day. Not that they aren’t lovely but I dont think they have been post worthy. So yesterday I decided to step it up and put a little effort into my outfit.
Yesterday I wore my Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair twist dress, a vintage cardigan, irregular choice shoes, black tights and grey knee high socks. This photo doesnt really do the socks over nylons any justice, but I think it was a cute little outfit and it also kept me warm. 🙂


Hope you like it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Peacock Cashmere

Today was another B-E-A-UTIFUL day. The sun was shining and people actually looked a bit more happy on the street. I wanted to wear one of vintage dresses but decided against it as my office has been freezing and yesterday I was chilled to the bone.
Today I decided to wear my favorite vintage cashmere sweater.  I absolutely love it. It has a very unique peacock feather print with white Bakelite buttons. Its not only beautiful but it sure is warm 😀




Wearing a vintage cardigan, Forever 21 tee & heels, and Lida Baday leggings.


Trouser Time

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been doing alot of cleaning at work so my outfits havent really been that interesting.  I thought I would share my outfit today.


Today I wore high waisted pleated trousers by Lida Baday, chocolate heels, a forever 21 body suit, a sparrow necklace, and a vintage cardigan.


I also pulled my hair back into a victory roll and paired it with a nice black flower.

Happy Friday!