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Sparrow Bling

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Yesterday I decided to do a bit of window shopping with a friend after work. We decided to go into one of my favorite little stores called Love of Mine. I must admit I have been avoiding this place as it always makes me want to buy things I dont need 😀 And yet again want won over need. In the back corner where they have their costume jewelry a little sparrow knuckle ring caught my eye. I just couldn’t resist and a lady hovering behind me waiting for me to put it down pushed me more towards my decision.



Dont mind my unpainted nails im in desperate need of a manicure.

Trouser Time

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been doing alot of cleaning at work so my outfits havent really been that interesting.  I thought I would share my outfit today.


Today I wore high waisted pleated trousers by Lida Baday, chocolate heels, a forever 21 body suit, a sparrow necklace, and a vintage cardigan.


I also pulled my hair back into a victory roll and paired it with a nice black flower.

Happy Friday!