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French Friday!

This week I was perusing through the hair tutorials on YouTube and I came across a cute little tutorial by my favorite tutorial gal TheCherryDollFace. It’s a vintage Marilyn Monroe look. I thought it was cute. So after playing around with it I decided I was going to wear it on Friday. I figured since I was going to wear a French beret I might as well dress the whole part 😀  I actually felt very feminine in this outfit. It set a great mood for a Friday 🙂

Today I wore a vintage French Beret, Vintage Cardigan, striped top from Zara, Lida Baday skirt and Irregular Choice shoes.

Hair Close up! 

Try the tutorial! Its super easy and very pretty 🙂

And to set the mood here’s some Marilyn 😀

Hope you had a great weekend!!