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Hints of Gold

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Hey all
Yesterday I realized that fall is on its way and the days are getting shorter. 😦 I have mixed feelings about these facts. On one side I’m happy as I love fall and putting together fall outfits. On the other side I can’t help but say “Where the hell did summer go?” I guess planning a wedding and getting married really makes time fly.
So with my realization I decided to wear one of my vintage maxi dresses. I love this dress as I feel like it can pass as summer or fall. It has beautiful fall like colors but it also has gold embroidery throughout the whole dress as well as spaghetti straps. Its beautiful. I paired this dress some vintage pearls, and my vintage Wrangler jacket and a cute little pair of flats.


Dont mind Zoe she loves being the centre of attention 🙂

Key Word: Argyle

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This Thursday I was deceived by the lovely people of the Weather Network. All week I was anticipating Thursday as it was supposed to be a beautiful springy 18 degrees. The warmest day so far.  My day started by me looking out the window to see dark clouds, but I refused to believe it was going to rain and that it was supposed to be warm. So I walked out the front door and as I turned around to say goodbye to my love, it began to rain. Still refusing to believe that my warm day would be ruined I continued on to the streetcar. As I turned the corner of my lovely little street a gust of wind came, and remained the rest of the day. Needless to say it never made 18 degrees and I was under dressed for the weather 😦  It was too bad as I had picked my outfit after being inspired by “Carrie Bradshaw’s” argyle socks and thought “this” day would be the perfect day to wear them. Ah well even though I was cold I still looked cute.

My Inspiration

So here it is. I am wearing a Foever 21 t-shirt, Lida Baday skirt, Aldo shoes, Argyle socks from ?, Vintage pearl necklace and a grey cardigan that I got from my mom for Christmas.

New Monday’s

Happy Monday all,
Today I was not feeling Monday at all, but I figured I would try my best to start out the work week on a fresh and clean note. I decided to wear one of my new dresses that I got on Friday. I must say it definitely brought up my mood. Nothing beats the feeling of a brand spanking new dress (or new anything) There is something about a new article of clothing that gives you a feeling of confidence, sexyness, and your desire to strut ;).


Wearing a Lida Baday dress, Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 leopard print shoes, vintage black cardigan and vintage pearls. 

A Good Day For Chanel!

So today I woke up thinking it was Thursday and the weekend was within reach. I realized that I was mistaken as I was getting ready for work :(. Normally this would not bother me but today it kind of bummed me out. So on days like today I had to bring out my “HAPPY PANTS”. I know every woman has a pair and for me they are my Vintage Chanel nautical style pants. I absolutely love these pants. I found them this spring at the Maple Cottage Vintage sale. It was amazing. I noticed them as they were being returned after an unsuccessful fitting in the change room. I quickly asked if I could try them on and BAM!!!! Fit like a glove! And…..they were a very good price. I could not resist and now they are alllllll mine! These pants are also special because they were a collection for a store called CREEDS.

Creeds was the finest women’s specialty store in Canada specializing in furs, designer fashions and accessories, jewellery (Beni Sung), cosmetics (Borghese, Chanel, Clarins, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Lancôme), fragrances, and gifts (including fine chocolate, men’s ties, and Sable & Rosenfeld gourmet foods). The 38,000-square-foot (3,500 m2) store spanned two floors and featured boutiques for Yves Saint LaurentChanelChristian DiorEmanuel Ungaro, and Sonia Rykiel. The original location opened in 1916; the Manulife Centre location closed with the firm’s bankruptcy in 1990.  (source

Worth every penny!

Chanel Pants

Chanel Pants

Wearing a Zara striped top, Vintage Chanel pants, Aldo heels, Michael Kors watch, Vintage pearl necklace.