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The Power of Tights!

Hey all,

You know when you purchase a new piece of clothing and you cant wait to wear it? Well today was one of those days. On the weekend I tried to go Christmas shopping, but ended up purchasing more for myself (way too many great Christmas sales). So today I decided to bust out my new leopard print fish nets that I purchased on the weekend. Today I planned a simple little outfit with my loud tights and left for work. 2 compliments before the streetcar (yay) What a great start to a Monday. Then I got to work where I don’t think they were as well received. I just narrowed it down to the hair plus leopard print was a little too much for a Monday 😀 . But I will say this. I felt HOT! 😉

Moral of the story is start your week with a BANG it will make your Monday go by a lot faster 😀

Leopard MondayToday I am wearing Chocolate shoes, Leopard Print tights, Forever 21 top & Skirt, Vintage wool sweater.

Leopard Tights
My New Tights (H&M= $12.50)

Pink CurlsHair Shot ❤


Hint of Pink


imageDuring! (The lovely Melissa working her magic!)



So this weekend I decided to try something new. I decided to continue adding color to my life by getting cotton candy pink in my hair. Its subtle but I love it! For my hair I go to the amazing Fuss hair salon.  It has a great vibe, great people, great and trendy atmosphere! I love it.  If your ever looking for a new salon I highly recommend it!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!